Did you imagine meeting the love of your life randomly in a café, perhaps looking at an abstract work of art in a gallery or on a train whizzing through China? Yes, I know these are basically scenes from a terrible Hollywood rom-com. But it’s how I thought I would meet my guy.

Now at the age of 34, I’m starting to wonder if I got it all wrong. And more alarmingly, beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as a romantic Sell-By Date? My heart says no, but my current love CV is sending a resounding yes.  So in the spirit of Mark Twain, this blog is my voyage into new dating territory. That means allowing my Indian family, friends and the world wide web, to help increase the chances of meeting a partner who might just be the real deal.

Hope you’ll join me, share your experiences and take comfort as I embark on a dating expedition. In whatever way you meet those dates, let’s prove there is no so such thing as a love Sell-By Date!

Siya xxx